WAR SUCKS! What is the limit to our civil obedience?

A Tv drama created by by Clotilde Colson, Stefan Hougaerts, Romain Pradaut and Salim Talbi, 8 X 52', 2024


After his victory in the 2024 federal elections in Belgium, CHRIS DE MEYER, the ultra-populist Prime Minister, introduces MANDATORY MILITARY ENROLMENT for all young people aged between 18 and 25.

ZOÉ (24), a young protest cartoonist, finally gets the contract of her dreams when she receives HER LETTER OF ENROLMENT for two years in the army. While trying to flee the country with her mother, CHELSEA (50), who is seriously ill with a degenerative disease, the two women are SEPARATED at the border and Zoé is forcibly taken to the CASERNE for training. There she meets THÉO (23), a young recruit of Malian origin who, unlike Zoé, is determined to become the MODEL SOLDIER and finally make his family proud.

EVERY WEEK, our two recruits will have to undergo inhuman training under the supervision of SERGEANT LUC GRANIER (41), whose aim will be to turn these youngsters into veritable MACHINES ready to die for the nation. While Théo will go to great lengths to shine, Zoé will do everything in her power to ESCAPE FROM THIS HELL and FIND HER MOTHER.

How far will Zoé go to defend her freedom? What if the army reveals a darker side of her? What if she were her own worst enemy, a gifted recruit...