A documentary by Benjamin Colaux and Christopher Yates, 75', 2015


HILARION, CLAUDIO and MARCO work together at Reveka, a silver mine lost within the immense Cerro Rico, the « Rich Mountain » in Potosí, Bolivia. Each morning, they abandon the majestic landscape of the Andes for the mine’s dark confinement where death is omnipresent. Their fear of losing their soul to the devil is now reinforced by the news that the mountain may cave in.

Film at 4,500m altitude in the dust and appeal to our five senses.
Le Mad - Le Soir
The two directors, Christopher Yates and Benjamin Colaux have made tangible the vulnerability of these human destinies that seem so distant.

Awards / Festivals

  • Magritte du Cinéma (Belgium, 2017) - Nomination
  • International Festival of ethnological Film (Slovakia, 2016) – Slovak Film Institute Award
  • Festival Internacional de Cinema e Video Ambiental / FICA (Brésil, 2016)
  • Film Festival della Lessinia (Bosco Chiesa Nuova, 2016)
  • Festival Millenium (Belgium, 2016) - Silver Lens Award
  • Cinéma du Réel (France, 2016)
  • Ethnocineca (Austria, 2016)
  • Mediawave (Hungary, 2016)
  • Congress of the Anthropological association (Coimbra, 2016)
  • MICE – Mostra Internacional de Cine Etnografico (Spain, 2016)
  • Sembrando Ciné (Peru, 2016)
  • Docville (Belgium, 2015)