We are coming Chronicle of a Feminist Revolution

a documentary by Nina Faure, 87', 2023


A new generation is politicizing the issues surrounding the body, sexuality and gender relations. For two friends, Nina and Yéléna, it starts with an awareness. With a few others, they ask themselves why, in a society that claims that gender equality is already here, access to pleasure is so difficult. They organized discussion groups, discovered Our Bodies, Ourselves, a historical feminist manual that opened new doors of analysis. They met with teachers, educators and sociologists to draw up step by step what would end up being a real plan. More and more involved in the struggles that are taking place everywhere, at the heart of this feminist movement that is sweeping the world, they discover a pleasure that was unsuspected until now, that of pursuing a collective emancipation. The pleasure of abolishing patriarchy, quite simply.

Awards / Festivals

  • Agnes Price at festival Elles Tournent (Bruxelles)
  • Festival Résistances (Foix), Echos d’ici échos d’ailleurs (Labastide-Rouairoux), Chéries-Chéris festival du film LGBTQ+++ (Paris), Écrans mixtes (Lyon) , Écrans du doc (Lyon), In&Out festival of queer cinema of Nice, International Documentary Festival of Lasalle en Cevennes